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Distinct Creations Goal Is Bringing Your IDEA to LIFE...

Gil Tatarsky, doing business as Distinct Creations in New York, provides true One Stop Shopping for licensing deals in the Direct Response Television (DRTV) industry.  He can typically get you a licensing deal to market your product on TV within 30-60 days.

If you have a great product for TV marketing but don’t have the money or skills to market it, you have come to the right place!

Gil gets you a license deal with a direct marketing company who will market your product through television, infomercials, online, home shopping (QVC, HSN), retail, print, catalog and international distribution markets.

Of the products he has taken on, he usually can get a licensing deal done in 30-60 days if there is interest from his network of marketers. Considering industry knowledge says that 1 in 100 products (1%) that product owners and inventors attempt to market on TV actually get to market, your chances are good when working with Gil.

Gil, being a co-inventor on several patents, has a heart for inventors and wants to steer them in the right direction. If your product is not right for TV, Gil wants to tell you so you can stop wasting your time and money pursuing the wrong path for your product.

That’s why he offers a FREE evaluation just for submitting your product idea.

Gil makes four (4) promises to you for submitting your product idea:

Complete confidentiality.

You will get a receipt of his confidentiality agreement with your submission. Trust is the most important thing for him when working with product owners and inventors.

He will give you FREE advice as to whether or not your product is suitable for TV.

Gil wants to help product owners and inventors and he gladly gives you advice just for submitting your product idea. Please allow 7-10 days for a response as he receives a lot of product submissions and wants to give careful attention to yours.

He “may” give you some recommendations on how to improve your product and the best path to take, if not suitable for TV.

As part of his confidentiality agreement, he agrees to assign any ideas he has about improving your product idea over to you.

He will give you a Yes/No answer on whether or not he would like to work with you.

A lot of people will never get back to you when you submit your product idea. If you submit your idea, you are entitled to a Yes/No. They say the next best answer to “Yes” is “No”. Please allow 7-10 days for his review and answer.

If he decides to work with you, he will offer his Representative Agreement. If necessary, this may include a capital investment by Gil to better prepare your product for the marketplace and licensing. If you work together, he makes the following three (3) promises:

He will determine whether or not there is “interest” in your product from direct marketers within 30 days.

When shopping your product, Gil considers a network of more than 50 prospective marketers in the DRTV business. He only does business with those marketers with good reputations and who are trustworthy. He will carefully identify which marketers would best match your product and present your product to this network of marketers. If there is interest, he will pursue a deal with them. Gil is your true “One-Stop Shopping” as he will get your product in front of many marketers at once. If there is no interest in your product, he will advise you to seek an alternative path for your product within 30 days.

If “interest”, He will have at least one offer to license your product within 60 days.

If there is a deal out there for your product, Gil will get it for you. He will get you the “best” deal as he will be presenting it to many marketers and the highest bid and best value should present itself.

He will not receive any compensation until you make money.

Gil is a true entrepreneur and he risks it all for success. He is not an invention submission company. He doesn’t charge you for his FREE evaluation of your idea or for his service to get you a licensing deal. He doesn’t get paid unless you get paid. He is your real partner in your success and gets nothing if you fail.